Sustainability in your Actions of Kindness and Generosity

Posted on September 20, 2017

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The main traits that every human being should possess are kindness and generosity towards every one. When you treat someone in a rightful manner, here is when you let others judge your upbringing. God loves those who are nice to their family and companions, but nowadays most of us are unable to serve our best behaviors to others. We are busy in judging others for their appearance instead of looking at our own actions.Cheap Umrah Tours 2017 are innovating enough to compensate all your needs and requirements in a single package you will choose with Road to Makkah.

In today’s world people change their personalities and character according to person they are interacting with, can that person be truthful. Why we neglect the fact that there is someone who is always aware of our real self. He knows what we are up to and we are answerable to him. The ritual of circumambulation around the Kaaba clearly depicts that purpose of our whole life revolves around one and only Allah the Almighty. Our actions, words, everything we do we intent to do or anything, our soul is connected to its creator. It wants to be nourished by the pure feelings and intentions. Your life is the gift of Allah, about which you are answerable to him. So, be consistent with your generous and kind attitude, make people love you and bless you for the life.

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the one who has shown living example to stay consistent with your kind attitude. He had face a lot before and after Prophet Hood but he knew what he is supposed to do and was clear about being his actions and set the example which is even alive after 1400 years. People admire him for his personality and character he has passed on to the whole world.

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