Constant Battle between Fantasy and Reality

Posted on August 15, 2017

Family Hajj Packages

It sounds really good when you come to know that you have got what you always wanted to have. Unfortunately we are always attracted towards the door that opens up in the fantasy world. Where there is no pain and everything seems to be fine, a beautiful liar is our power of imagination which displays fantasy thoughts in front of us. We like and leave ourselves for these thoughts to hold us for the life.Book your amazing Family Hajj Packages with Road to Makkah and have a memorable sacred journey from United Kingdom to Makkah and Madina.

Make your mind accept the harshness of reality; it is hard but it much more comfortable from that high flight of the imagination.  It takes our soul away from us, no humanity and no purity of heart is visible. We are also distracted from the reality because we don’t want to accept the bitter truth about ourselves. Truth is harsh but ultimately it is the only option you will be left off with.

On the other hand there is a reality, a blunt truth, harsh and painful. It is like you conscience which continuously make you realize about right and wrong. It always wants to get noticed, you will be wounded. A believer is that one person who will listen to the voice of his conscience and will face the reality no matter how harsh it will be. Trust on Allah because he is sufficient for you in your tough times. When you have faith on his distribution and you don’t complain anymore, at this time you become brave enough to conquer all your fears.  One can only overcome his fears when he faces the reality with brave heart. Accept what you have and complain less, life is painful and confusing; you have to pass all the trials on your own. Find out hidden lessons in the reality and send away all the thoughts of fantasy which are acquiring too much space in your mind.

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