Importance of Hajj in Islam- 5-star hajj packages (shifting) 27 Days 2018 through road-to-makkah

Posted on July 7, 2018

Hajj is a once in lifetime obligation for the Muslims all around the world who is financially and physically stable. Find your 5-star hajj package 2018 through road-to-Makkah. All the Muslim communities are united through the worship of ALLAH. Hajj is an essential part of the life of Muslims. Hajj provides the opportunity for rebirth and it creates the closer connection between ALLAH and you. Hajj takes place in the twelve months of the Islamic calendar. Its preparation is one of an important part of your journey. The most intensive experience in the life of the Muslims is to perform Hajj at once in life. Hajj is the fifth pillar of faith. Our hajj packages meet the expectations of the Muslims. Select your 5-star hajj package (shifting) 27 days 2018 with us.

Choose road-to-Makkah

Our team especially offers the most remarkable and suitable 5-star hajj package (shifting) 27 days 2018. All our deals satisfy all the needs of our customers. We are working to make the journey most convenient for you. We provide to best and affordable tour for your Hajj requirements. Our main objective is to offer you high-quality services in order to make your tour outstanding with us. We designed Hajj packages deals to give comfort and relaxed to the guest of ALLAH. We take complete cares of our customers during your tour. Road to Makkah help our customers to select the package deals according to your budget and requirements.

(Shifting) 27 days hajj package includes

. Flight ticket of best Airlines

.Accommodation in a 5-star hotel

. Transportation



.Tour Guider

Your time is precious for us, in 27 days you will complete your Hajj with the rituals and ziyaarat.

Packing list that you take in your journey

.The first one and the most important thing is Ihram

. Medicine is very important

.Toothbrush and toothpaste

.Single stick of Miswak is also recommended

.Your shampoo, soap and much more that need during bath

.Pair of slipper


.Travel iron

Lifetime journey with us

Countless Muslims go for Hajj every year. Actually, means of Hajj is to visit the house of ALLAH. It is the most basic pillar if Islam and it has a lot of significance. It removes all the sins in the life of the Muslims. It is one of the most important activities for the pilgrims. Road-to-Makkah is one of the leading travel agency company in UK. We specially designed 5-star hajj package (shifting) 27 Days 2018 with all the necessary facilities and services.

Pleasure and affordable deal

Road-to-Makkah are going to come up with amazing 5-star hajj packages (shifting) 27 days 2018 deal. This is the holly travel for the Muslims. We are giving you our best deal to make your Hajj journey notable, Comfortable, and pleasure. Don’t miss the chance due to any timing issue because we offering you our best package deal within very cheap amount. The accommodation that we provide you is quite appropriate and as well as comfortable. We have an immense range of packages facilities and service you to select one of them according to your choice.