Status of Women in Islam

Posted on July 19, 2017

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A woman who plays vital role in a society is mostly underestimated against the man of a society. When Prophet (PBUH) arrived, he gave them respect and honor which they deserved. Before him they were buried alive and were never respected. Even now when the world has set all new trends, they are constantly moving forward but there are few ignorant that still think women as a burden and prize a boy.  Umrah Packages from Birmingham are available from now onwards so chose your desired package and fly for the sacred journey with Road to Makkah.

A woman when she is a daughter she is responsible for father and brothers honor and if she is fulfilling her responsibilities then why discriminate them. They are the blessing of the house that is if treated in a right way, they will sacrifice their life for you.  The way Prophet (PBUH) treated women is spectacular, he respected every friend of his mother and honored them as a mother too. Then there was no such wife who had a complaint against him. The fairness he maintained among his wives is exemplary because it is narrated by Ayesha (his youngest wife) when the time of his death was near, I went to take oil for the lantern to other wives and I was shocked to see that they also had the same amount of oil I was having. It was the treatment of Prophet (PBUH) with his wives. Other than wives he always lowered his gaze in front of women and never humiliated them for any reason.

So, the women who are daughters, mothers or wives, she is born to be honored and respected. Keep in mind that they are your best companions through tough times of life so treat them well.

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